Healing balm that heals open wounds, cuts and burns

This recipe is a few centuries old and come from Russia. It is used by people for many kinds of diseases. It consists of only 3 ingredients, but it is .... 2015-08-29T11:33:10+00:00 Health Articles

This recipe is a few centuries old and come from Russia. It is used by people for many kinds of diseases. It consists of only 3 ingredients, but it is quite effective balsam. You can use it to treat angina, bronchitis, swelling, open sores, inflammation of the ovaries, ulcers, bruises, cracked hands and feet, as well as many other diseases. It is also ideal for treatment of burns.


Here is the recipe:


1 egg
400 ml vegetable oil (you can use olive oil or other type of high-quality vegetable oil)
60 g beeswax


Method of preparation:


First, boil the egg. Set apart the yolk and mash it. Pour oil in a pan and add the wax. Cook over low heat until the wax melts and mixes with the oil. When it begins to boil, add a little bit of the egg yolk. If the oil begins to foam, quickly remove the pan from the heat.


When the foam is gone, return the pan to the heat and start stirring constantly, until the mixture is dark brown.
Remove the pan from the heat and allow the mixture to cool for 15-20 minutes. With gauze or fine sieve, strain the mixture and throw away the rest of the yolk. Pour balm in a glass jar and keep it in the refrigerator. You can store up to 10 months.


How to use:


This balm works great, whether applied topically or orally. Apply it on burns or wounds. If you take it orally, take half a teaspoon three times a day, on an empty stomach. This balm is absolutely safe and has no side effects.




Take a tablespoon of the balm and heat it untill it is melted. Use the dropper and apply it in the nasal cavity. Repeat this procedure in one hour.


Tonsillitis and purulent tonsillitis


Melt the balm  and make compress which you should apply it on the neck.


Bronchitis, ulcers and stomach pain


Take half a teaspoon of balm 3 times daily before meals.


Disease of the female reproductive system, ovarian cysts, inflammation, fibroids, mastitis


Dip the pad in the balm and put it in the vagina twice a day (morning and evening). You can treat the cysts for 10-15 days. For mastitis, put the balm on a towel and place it on the chest. Wrap the towel with a plastic bag and replace the towel every 2 hours.


Burns, wounds, toothache, swelling, pain in the joints.


Apply some of the balm on the sore spot, wrap it and keep it so overnight.




Put a bit of  the balm on a napkin or cloth, apply it on the affected area and wrap with plastic wrap. Do not panic if you see pus leaking from the wound.




Fold a piece of gauze to make a pad. Put the balm on the pad and put it inside overnight. Repeat this for 10 days, until you notice improvement.


Strengthening nails
Apply some of the balm on your nails before you go to bed and stay so during the night.



Image source: marin/www.freedigitalphotos.net