Health benefits of malic acid

Are you worried about the condition of your muscles and metabolism? Are you looking for a natural substance that can provide you with good health? 2015-10-05T22:57:49+00:00 Health Articles

Are you worried about the condition of your muscles and metabolism? Are you looking for a natural substance that can provide you with good health? Here we will discuss the benefits of malic acid. Its benefits are many and most importantly – malic acid has no side effects!



Malic acid is a natural substance that is found mostly in fruits and vegetables. Often it is associated with fruits like apples and is known for its ability to convert carbohydrates into energy. This is beneficial in the treatment of medical conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you want a smooth and soft skin, this acid will help you.


Here are the advantages of malic acid:



1. It helps to maintain excellent oral hygiene – it stimulates the production of saliva and reduces the levels of toxic bacteria in the mouth. Often malic acid is found in some mouthwashes and toothpastes.



2. Beautiful skin – beautiful and healthy skin in long terms is another benefit that can be achieved with the help of malic acid. When applied directly, it exfoliates the skin, softens and reduces the signs of aging. It can also remove wrinkles. Plus, malic acid can stimulate collagen production and eliminate all traces of acne.



3. Reduce pain – malic acid acts like painkiller.  It is believed that 48 hours is sufficient to reduce the pain in your body.



4. Increases energy – energy is what we all need to live. If your energy is over very quickly during the day or feel sleepy very often, although you sleep well, the problem is not in your body and in the food you eat. The problem is the lack of malic acid. This acid significantly increases energy levels, converting fat, protein and carbohydrates into energy.



How much should you take to get good results?



The normal amount of malic acid is from 1200 to 1800 milligrams per day. But we will recommend taking 280 milligrams daily



Some experts say that taking magnesium with malic acid, gives even better results.




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