How to get rid of annoying flies in summer

The best way to protect yourself and your family from diseases and infections in the summer is not conserving rotten food or decaying fruits .... 2015-08-29T11:43:06+00:00 Health Articles

The best way to protect yourself and your family from diseases and infections in the summer is not conserving rotten food or decaying fruits and vegetables at home. The food you leave on the table should be covered in order to prevent flies to infected it. Besides houseflies, we are familiar with all other types of flies, which are very annoying during the summer such as fruit flies, they are attracted to anything sweet like overripe fruits.


Now we will show you a few tricks and natural ways that will get rid of pesky flies:


1. Use plastic bags filled with water – hang them on the terrace door or window or other places where flies may enter. So you wonder why and how a plastic bag filled with water could keep the flies away. Well, flies do not see what we see, for example they do not see a plastic bag full of water, but a spider web because of the movement of the water in the plastic bag. They instinctively avoid it. Besides the reflection of the water disorient the flies, they can not enter inside the room. Fill the bag halfway with water, tie it and attach to places where flies can enter.


2. Make your own tapes for flies at home, the ones purchased from the store contain substances that are toxic.


For this purpose you need:


corn syrup – ½ cup
sugar – ¼ cup


Cut the paper into strips with a width of approximately 4-5 cm, then through the upper end pass the cord, so that a hanger is made. Mix the sugar and the corn syrup. Grease one side of the paper strips with the mixture. The flies will be attracted by the sugar and when landing will stick to the paper tape.


3. Homemade fly repellent  with lavender oil – Lavender oil is effective for repelling flies, fleas, mosquitoes, aphids and more.


What you need?


Lavender oil – ½ – 1 cup
Jar with lid – 1


Soak the towel with lavender oil and put it in the jar and close it with a cap. After 24 hours, open the jar and put it in a place where you notice that there are flies. The smell of lavender oil will keep away the annoying flies. Do not put oil on the skin, because it can irritate the skin.


4. Use cloves to ward off flies – Clove smells good to us, but not for the flies. They can not tolerate the smell of this spice that is widely used for culinary purposes. Clove is especially effective in repelling house flies.


Necessary ingredients:


Dried flower buds of clove – 25-30
Lemons – 2-3


Cut the lemons into halves. Now tuck 6-12 buds in each half.
Arrange the halves on a plate and place it in the middle of the table. This is an ideal way to get rid of the flies if you eat outside.



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