Mistakes that we make when trying to lose weight

1. We refer to the advices of non-experts for quick weight loss. Look for a good nutritionist who will draw up a plan to follow, he will answer ....... 2015-09-15T16:57:39+00:00 Health Articles

When starting a diet to burn excess fat, the first thing we do is to search on the internet for information. The amount of information is so great that often we are confused by the numerous advices for losing weight. Here are some of the most common mistakes that we make when trying to lose weight.


1. We refer to the advices of non-experts for quick weight loss. Look for a good nutritionist who will draw up a plan to follow, he will answer any questions and will lead you in the right direction. And do not forget that there is no such program for fast weight loss.


2. Do not count calories. Here we will explain the importance of calorie intake. Calorie calculation is very simple. If you eat fewer calories throughout the day than you burn, you will lose weight. It is therefore important to pay attention to daily calorie intake, depending on your needs. For example, “clean” foods contain a good amount of nutrients that keep you satiated for longer, and these foods contain less calories. Therefore, we recommend unrefined foods, raw fruits and vegetables. Many of us believe that when they starve, they will limit calorie intake, this is a big mistake ….


3. Are we going to lose weight if you eat only healthy foods? All foods contain a certain amount of calories. If you eat a large amount of healthy food, you will not lose weight. Olive oil is a good source of healthy fats, which makes it an excellent food. If you add a tablespoon of olive oil in your salad, it will enrich it with healthy fat, but if you put too much of it, you will exceed your calorie limit. One tablespoon of olive oil has about 119 calories. Do not overdo it with many sauces and spices!


4. Healthy snacks between main meals. In this way, you shorten the time between meals. Dried fruits are often prefered choice for a healthy snack after exercise in order to  refill the glycogen reserves, but they will not completely satisfy your hunger, but can drastically increase your calorie intake.


5. Eliminating certain foods. To remove excess weight really need to limit certain foods, but in this way you will only want more. Instead of completely cut them out, you can eat them once a week. The general rule states that if 90% of your daily food intake is presented by healthy food and only 10% is for the junkfood, you will not break your diet. An ice-cream or a piece of chocolate after training, will not spoil your diet. Nevertheless, be careful with those foods!


6. Too many sodas and juices. Drinking juices and soft drinks as a whole may not seem dangerous to your calorie intake, but in reality it will cause great damage to your diet. Glass of juice can contain 30-40 grams of sugar. Instead, drink water, unsweetened tea or coffee.


7. Avoiding hard training – By training, you will achieve your goal to shape your body quickly and easily. But do not limit yourself only with cardio. Cardio helps to lose weight, but hard training requires much more energy, which will make to burn more calories.


8. Use an intense workout as an excuse. “I made a great workout, so now I can eat a piece of cake or a burger.” Well, losing weight does not work that way. Food planning usually requires attention to daily calorie intake.


9. Most of us blame our genes, they can not lose weight and give up in the beginning. Stop excuses and get to work. There is no magic tool or pill for losing weight. Some conditions and diseases can slow your progress, but you can not stop on the way to your desired weight.



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