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Pot with minced meat and mushrooms

Pot with minced meat and mushrooms







  1. Minced meat - 400 g
  2. Mushrooms fresh - 400 g
  3. Potatoes - 800 g
  4. Eggs - 4
  5. Tomatoes (canned and mashed) - 300 g
  6. Margarine (cow's butter)
  7. Cheese (feta) - 200 g
  8. Yellow cheese - 200 g
  9. Onion (chopped) - 1
  10. Spices - to taste
Preparation method

1. The potatoes are cooked to a semi-finished state.


2. Fresh mushrooms and the meat are stewed  in a pan.


3. In the pots you put one tablespoon margarine (cow’s butter), pour the tomatoes, put the crambled cheese and add chopped onion.


4. Then put the potatoes which are already diced


5. Place the stewed minced meat and the mushrooms


6. The you put yellow cheese strips on the top


7. You put the pots in the oven, heated to 220 degrees, which should not be preheated.


8. When the yellow cheese is lightly baked you put one egg


9. When the egg is almost cooked you should stop the oven and only then put the lid and left to stew.