Several tips how to stay healthy in autumn

Supplements are often useful at this time of year. Administration of echinacea is very useful now, as well as the Chinese herb astragalus. The ..... 2015-09-15T17:44:45+00:00 Health Articles

1. Exercises are crucial  in any season. As the weather is getting colder, the warming-up before exercise is more important. Yoga and other movements for flexibility are useful for the maintenance of youth. These activities are vital in order to be in better shape, toned, stronger, with a good immune system and circulation. When we are moving more we get sick less often.


2. Be open to creative ideas. They can assist you in achieving your goal and give you the start you have always wanted. This will give you extra motivation and energy for a more exciting life. This could include stories of past or present experiences, writing a book or personal story, reading books to improve your life or just start practicing  new exercise. In other words, start something you can do during the cold and dark months of winter.


3. Proper eating habits is an important focus at the moment. Autumn is the season of harvest and it is rich in various foods – apples and walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkins, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, and many cereals. Learn new recipes and enjoy good food. Many of us need more protein and energizing food for the colder months. This will keep your blood circulation and body in good shape.


4. Relationships are important for all of us. This is a good time to deepen and sharpen your love to your family or friends. You will find more about your own needs and those of other people close to you and will learn to listen to them.


Also, you will learn to be alone and listen to your inner voice and. Some people focus on their relationship with computers and televisions, cars or other electronics. Is that soothes your mind? Try to escape from any background noise and be more relaxed.


5. Prepare for the cold season. In Chinese medicine, the autumn season focuses on the lungs and colon. Breathing too fast can lead to congestion and toxicity, as well as constipation and obstruction of the nose and sinuses. This leads to infection of the upper respiratory tract. To clear the sinuses inhale herbal steam, for this purpose can use mint, rosemary, chamomile, lemon and other herbs.



6. Detoxification is the word for September. Clean your body with a detoxifying diet or avoid sugar, wheat and dairy products for a few weeks, this often helps to feel better, lighter and younger and with more energy. Visit the sauna clear toxins. Regular sweating is important for health and longevity.


7. Supplements are often useful at this time of year. Administration of echinacea is very useful now, as well as the Chinese herb astragalus. The intake of daily doses of vitamin C and vitamin E, together with selenium and zinc also helps the immune system and helps the body to get rid of toxins. Ginseng is pretty good choice to have strong immune system. Burdock root is useful for the skin.



8. If you get sick start taking more vitamin C, vitamin A, or use fresh garlic cloves dipped in honey and chew them. It is a natural antibiotic and defender of your immune system. Olive leaf extract is also good antiviral agent. Of course, drink more water, tea and hot soup.



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