What does acne tell about our health condition

1. Acne on the bottom of the cheek is connected with problems located in the oral cavity. You may have problems with your mouth, when the lower .... 2015-09-12T23:01:47+00:00 Health Articles

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acne on your face corresponds to the health condition of some body parts. The idea is that just by looking at where acne is situated you could identify some health problems.


1. Acne on the bottom of the cheek is connected with problems located in the oral cavity. You may have problems with your mouth, when the lower parts of the cheeks are affected by acne. Regularly rinse and wash your mouth. Stay away from sodas and junk food, eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those that are rich in vitamin C.



2. Acne on the bottom of the forehead is a sign for heart problems. If you worry about acne on the lower part of the forehead, you may have problems with the circulatory system. Try to reduce stressful situations and do everything possible to avoid stress. Exercise regularly and choose a diet that is rich in fiber and low in fat. Good idea is to stop smoking and have a healthy lifestyle.



3. Acne on the upper forehead corresponds to the problems with the gastrointestinal tract and bladder. Acne, which is concentrated on the upper part of the forehead will usually bind with dietary changes. Replace sodas and coffee with tea and water in order to clear accumulated toxins in the gut. Eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber.


4. Acne around the eyes and between the eyebrows could be a sign for liver problems. Acne in these parts shows that your liver needs help. Do not eat late at night and stay away from sweets and fatty foods. Try not to drink dairy products and alcohol. Eat fruits and vegetables with plenty of vitamin C, which helps neutralize toxins and strengthens your immune system.



5. Acne on the upper part of the cheeks is connected to respiratory system problems. Take care of your lungs, if the upper cheeks are affected by acne. Give up smoking and avoid smoke from other smokers or dirty air. Strengthen the respiratory system using cardio exercises.



6. Acne around the ears is associated with kidney problems. Most likely, your kidney function is impaired, if you have acne in the ears. Reduce your intake of salty foods and coffee, replace them with plenty of water.


7. Acne around the chin is associated with an imbalance of hormones. Proper eating habits and avoiding stress will help you to deal with hormonal imbalance, which is a common cause of acne around the chin. Make sure to eat healthy and have enough rest and sleep.



8. Acne on the neck and chest is associated with a weakened immune system. Pimples on neck and chest may indicate that you are stressed and your immune system fight with the infection. Eat plenty of foods that are rich in vitamin C in order to boost immunity. It is also important to fight stress and regularly do physical exercises. Enjoy 7-8 hours of sleep.



9. Acne on chin is associated with problems in the stomach and small intestine. Eat foods high in fiber and drink plenty of water to clear waste products in the gastrointestinal tract. If you have food allergies, do everything possible to avoid them. It is important to avoid stress and get enough sleep.



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